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A Shot of Class 2013

It was early. Very early.  There were close to forty people on the guest list arriving before noon, anxious for a full day of skeet and trap shooting. They would undoubtedly be famished come evening.

With fresh venison on the menu, Chef Charlie Statelman prepared for the long day ahead. Several courses were imagined with his expertise while William took the guests out to the ranges.

Targets were hit, cheers were shouted, and the group made their way back to the lodge. With glasses poured and cigars lit, Hillrock Bourbon and Davidoff cigars greeted everyone with spirits and smokes.  The day couldn't get any better.

But then came the pièce de résistance. A delectable dinner several courses long served with an ample wine. The venison most likely gave its life happily, knowing that even in death it'd be seen as a thing of beauty to be prepared by Chef Charlie.

After the feast, glasses were filled, emptied, clinked, and filled yet again, as the guests avoided the inevitable trip back to Manhattan. No one will ever forget the day that Beretta taught them to shoot, and Chef Charlie taught them to eat.

Join Us.

Photos from the event 

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End Fashion Week in Style

The rain came down in sheets and the air shook with thunder, but The Men's and Ladies' Collectives didn't take notice.  At The Beretta Gallery, everyone was in great spirits in joying good food, drinks, and company.

Later in the evening, an announcement was made regarding a Saturday trip the following month to Dover Furnace, where members will enjoy a day filled with skeet and trap shooting, Hillrock Bourbon, Davidoff cigars, and an absolutely delectable dinner orchestrated by The Men's Collective's very own Chef Charlie Statelman.

Join Us.

Photos from the event 

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A Shot of Class

On a crisp clear Saturday morning, The Men drove up to Dover, NY to enjoy a day of shooting with Beretta. Once the bus arrived at Dover Furnace, a quick lesson in gun safety was given. The Collective then made there way over to the fields where a full day of shooting skeet took place. After the fun and festivities, everyone enjoyed a feast prepared by Chef Rob McCue.

Photos from the event

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